Rethinking Risk

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This guide is for Trustees, Honorary Officers and Senior Managers of charities in the UK. It offers ways of categorising risks and gives practical steps to approaching and managing these risks effectively. It explores all aspects of managing risk in organisations; it unpicks types of risk, the use of registers, examines who makes what contribution (including the role of audit committees), talks about creating a positive risk culture and looks at integrating risk management and innovation.

It has case studies, uses practical examples to illustrate processes and provides short exercises such as risk management ‘health checks’. The guide addresses the new SORP regulations.

Shirley Otto thinks:

This guide is a must-to-have for Trustees and Chief Officers of UK charities and associations. It is thoughtful, clear, comprehensive and very practical. The content, in helpful and practical ways, covers the classic topics such as categorising risk, audits and the uses and abuses of a risk register; it also looks at how to achieve a positive risk management culture across an organisation – and one that does not undermine creativity and innovation.

With this guide trustees and senior managers can be assured in their management of risks.