Trustees and Fundraising

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The Institute of Fundraising’s publication of “Trustees and Fundraising: A Practical Handbook” is very timely indeed, coming along after unprecedented media interest in the third sector and its perceived ‘shortcomings’.

Trustees who are already struggling with compliance, now have access to clear guidance on fundraising and their role in supporting it.  Developed by a team of fundraisers and Trustees, the Handbook covers Trustees statutory duties; explains current regulation and best practice; describes the business of fundraising and how it all works; then brings it all together to consolidate everything into Ten Golden Rules for Trustees. The Handbook is easy to read and offers hints, tips and case studies which bring the text to life.

Sue Robinson thinks:

The Trustees and Fundraising Handbook offers real insight, practical advice and guidance, and debunks many of the myths about fundraising.  It isn’t quite a training manual, but almost is and should be required reading for every Trustee of any organisation which seeks to raise funds or generate income.  The biggest disappointment is the Institute of Fundraising’s assumption that readers will be regulated by the Charity Commission, so references to compliance in other jurisdictions is vague and, at times, misleading. Other than this, it would have scored a 10 from me!

Well worth a read for every Trustee!