Making digital work: 12 questions for trustees to consider

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Digital technology offers new opportunities for charities, and is becoming essential to how we work.

This guide can help trustees start to thinking practically about how digital can help achieve their organisations vision, mission and strategy. There are 12 questions that range from governance to culture to service delivery.

Ann Rowe thinks:

Many trustees are already aware of the need to ‘think digital’ but it can be hard to know where to start to ‘act digital’. This document is a good conversation starter with a practical focus. By working through the questions, trustees can reflect on current practice and think through how digital can help them do better or do more.

It’s also worth trustees also taking a look at the Get Wired resource on the website. It  gives a useful overview of the barriers for many organisations when it comes to increasing their digital and tech capacity at board level, along with suggestions of how this can be addressed.