Financial Governance

You want your trustees to be able to provCaptureide oversight of the charity’s operations in an effective and efficient way.

To do this, you need them to be informed about financial governance and their role in planning, decision-making and monitoring your financial operations.

Crucially, you need them to be asking the right questions of you: questions that enable them to fulfil their responsibilities while allowing you to deliver yours.

Financial governance: a gentle guide for the non-financial charity trustee is an introduction to charity finances, aimed at trustees who haven’t had experience in this area before or even the old hand who is uncertain in matters of financial governance. Download now and share it with your trustees.

Pat Armstrong thinks:

Useful for those who want to consider the trustee role in relation to the finances – however, at just over 50 pages, not sure if I would class it as a “gentle guide”. It also refers to the charity commission and might be a bit off putting to those in OSCR’s jurisdiction – although accounting regulations are UK wide.

I would tend to go to OSCR’s guide to charity accounts as a starting point. Always good to have a range of options to suit different needs and this certainly has its place.