link Socially Responsible Investing

This is Rathbones’ guide to Socially Responsible Investing – where one seeks to encourage greater corporate accountability and transparency, improve environmental stewardship and protect human rights.

Caroline Monk thinks:

The introduction provides a good explanation of social investing and a clear overview of the different factors. The guide is probably more relevant for larger charities who get professional investment advice. The points raised encourage organisations to think about socially responsible investing and how it could impact them, though there isn’t much in the way practical advice.

It’s very positive about social investment and fails to highlight the potential risks involved, so from that perspective it could be more balanced. In addition it only refers to the charity commission and their guidance, so the relevance for Scottish only charities may appear less.

OSCR has an investment guide that is also worth reading, and we would always advise people to get professional advice before making investment decisions.