Trustees’ Week 2022

Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum would like to invite you to get involved in supporting and promoting Trustees’ Week 2022 (7-11 November 2022). 

Read on for more information about Trustees’ Week, ideas for how to get involved, and communications resources. 

Thank you for helping us celebrate the vital role of trustees. 

About Trustees’ Week 

Trustees’ Week is a UK-wide initiative to celebrate the achievements of trustees.  

OSCR estimates there are 183,000 charity trustees in Scotland. There are 60,000-80,000 more trustees supporting non-charitable voluntary organisations. That’s over 250,000 trustees in Scotland, giving their time and skills on a voluntary basis to steer the work of charities and voluntary organisations.  

Trustees’ Week is an opportunity to inform, inspire, support and celebrate. To: 

  • share helpful information, resources and learning opportunities for trustees 
  • inspire people to consider becoming a trustee   
  • signpost support for trustees, and for organisations seeking to recruit trustees 
  • celebrate all the terrific trustees out there! 

If you are planning on hosting an event for Trustees’ Week and would like this added to the Trustees’ Week website, please complete this quick form.

How to get involved 

Here are some ideas of ways you can get involved with Trustees’ Week.  

It includes some suggested hashtags – these are used on social media to group together conversation or content around a certain topic and make it easier for people to find. 

People and organisations: Promote Trustees’ Week

  • Signpost information and resources for trustees in newsletters and on social media
  • Hold information or learning events for trustees or potential trustees
  • Add the Trustees’ Week logo to your email signatures 
  • Contact local media and work with them to highlight Trustees in your local community 


Charities and voluntary organisations: Say thank you to your trustees

  • Thank your own trustees – send them thank you notes or acknowledge them in your newsletters and social media
  • Provide opportunities for staff to engage with trustees
  • Add the Trustees’ Week logo to your email signatures


Trustees: Share your trustee experience

  • Post on social media about your charity or voluntary organisation or why you became a trustee, or what you like most about being a trustee.


Suggested social media posts

You could use some of our suggested hashtags, particularly #TrusteesWeek and #TerrificTrustees when you’re posting about Trustees’ Week on your social media channels to help raise awareness, start a conversation and engage with your online networks. 

People and organisations

  • Happy #TrusteesWeek – retweet this if you have #TerrificTrustees on your board 
  • Want to find out more about becoming a trustee? [link to your info on becoming a trustee] #TrusteesWeek #TerrificTrustees 
  • Want help developing some of your trustee skills? Check out these opportunities [link to your events] #TrusteesWeek #TerrificTrustees 

Charities and voluntary organisations

  • Thank you to all our #TerrificTrustees who are vital in steering our organisation #Trustees Week #ThankYou 
  • Thank you to [tag trustee] for being one of our #TerrificTrustees – we couldn’t do this without you! #TrusteesWeek 
  • Proud to be a trustee with [insert organisation] #TrusteesWeek #ProudTrustee 


  • Proud to be a trustee with [insert organisation] #TrusteesWeek #ProudTrustee

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