Organisational Purpose

A well-run board is clear about the purpose and values of the organisation and how it will achieve its aims.

As the board we have ultimate responsibility for directing the activity of our organisation and delivering its stated purpose. We will do this by:

  • understanding our organisational purpose and values and committing to them to make sure that our organisation delivers what it was set up to do
  • making sure our governing document is fit for purpose, and sets out the details of how our organisation is to be governed
  • making and recording informed decisions in line with our governing document
  • overseeing the use of assets and resources to make sure they are used to achieve our organisation’s purpose and aims.
  • communicating the work of the organisation and the difference it makes to the people we work with and the public

Three questions to think about at your next board meeting

  • When did you last discuss what your organisation is about, and can your board members clearly identify activities related to your organisational purpose?
  • Do all your board members have a copy of your governing document. Is it up to date?
  • How do you ensure that the way your organisation uses all its assets is consistent with your organisational purpose and the needs of your beneficiaries?

How your board can demonstrate good governance

  1. You regularly review your organisation’s activities and governing document to ensure that everything you do is aligned with your organisational purpose.
  2. You compile and review an asset and resource register for your organisation.
  3. You clearly communicate your organisation’s impact, outputs and outcomes.
  4. You regularly review the sustainability of your income sources, and their impact on achieving your organisational purposes.
  5. You agree the values, consistent with the organisation’s purpose, that you wish to promote, and ensure these values underpin all decisions and activities.
  6. You ensure that planning for fundraising includes the purposes and values of the organisation.