Trustees’ Week 2013

The Future of Trusteeship in Scotland

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This flagship event celebrated  boards and trustees: past, present and future.

As the first event held by the Governance Forum, we targeted past, present and future trustees, to share Scotland’s collective experience of working as and with trustees, highlight the great work that trustees are currently doing, and present opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference.

Discussion Sessions throughout the day included:

  • Shirley Otto – “Who Leads? Board, Chair, or Chief Officer?”
  • Alastair Keatinge – “Information Needs of Boards & Raising Difficult Issue”
  • Rod Hunter – “Developing Trustees: Easier Said than Done?”
  • George Thompson – “Sharing Skills: Less Competition, More Collaboration”
  • Neil McLean – “Board Self Assessment: Identification of Learning Needs”
  • Alzbeta Rehakova & Sarah-Marleen Abay – “Young Trustees in Scotland”
  • Kathryn MacKenzie – “TSIs, and how we support Trustees”